Exciting news! Access to Care now offers additional NDIS supports under the New NDIS Commission including Coordination of NDIS Supports

Exciting  news!

Access to Care is now approved to provide the following new NDIS supports after successfully meeting the new quality standards and indicators under the NDIS Commission since it became effective 1st July 2018.

At this stage we possibly are the first few of the NDIS Registered providers to be approved under the new Quality and safeguards Commission which speaks of our ability to adapt to the new changes quickly and at the same time ensure high standards of quality services.

We are approved to provide:

  • Support Coordination  (Assist Life stages, transitions and supports)  
  • Plan Management                                                                                         
  • Assistance with personal activities                                                    
  • Participate in community, social and recreational activities – Individual and group        
  • House cleaning and household tasks                                                                             
  • House and/or Yard Maintenance                                                                             
  • Assistance with Travel and Transport  
  • Accommodation/Tenancy                
  • Group Centre Activities       
  • Innov Community Participation
  • Home modifications  
  • Assist Access/Maintain Employment    

We welcome all referrals from the above supports and services required for your participants.

As a Pre-planning support, we have capacity to assist individuals in applying for NDIS and also re-applying for those rejected applications.

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